The Benezett Store - Restaurant, Campground & Sleeping Rooms
Phone: 814-787-7456
*The Benezett Store offers a wide variety of items from affordable souvenirs to groceries to camping, an ATM machine a gas station and a coffee bar. 

*The Benezett Restaurant offers a full menu. It is the only place in the area that offers breakfast.
*The Benezett campground offers fire rings, restrooms, pavilions, electric and a dump station.
*The Benezett sleeping rooms
offer a place to stay right in the heart of elk country.

Why does the Benezett Store drop the final E?
Originally, in the 1800s, Benezett did not end with an E. As years went on, newcomers began to add the E. At one time, the store used the E. But, the liquor control board said that we misspelled it and would not give us our license. We took the matter to the Supreme Court and, thousands of dollars later, it was determined that we have to spell it without the E.
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